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Thread: X5 Firmware With IPTV Support + UK Channel 28.2E List with FAV Tutorial/How To

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    X5 Firmware With IPTV Support + UK Channel 28.2E List with FAV Tutorial/How To

    Ok here is a little tutorial for the latest Openbox X5, so we will first explain how to upload the bin file ( Firmware for X5 or Channel List with Favorite List ) Both are the same procedure and Network setup for the box to get online then we will configure the SoftCAMs (in this case CCcam.cfg ). so lets get started.

    I assume you have Openbox X5 just arrived from ebay/Amazon etc and you have at least a good working USB and you have a sly Uk Signal/dish , and you dish is connected on the back ( LNB Input ) of your Openbox X5 +Broadband connected to the box ( Ethernet Cable from Router / or Wifi ) and the box is connected online. see if ( Youtube, Gmap or Gmail is working. ) so we know you are 100% Online...

    X5 Firmware Installation/Channel List installation.

    1- Download the Bin file for the Openbox X5 here or anywhere you find it ( Openbox_X5-Firmware.bin and save it to your USB Stick ( FAT32/Kingston is the one i am Using now and works best, i know some usb dont work even if format to Fat32 ) but most work.

    1- Press Menu/System Setup/ S/W Upgrade/Upgrade By USB/ then press Ok on the folder /udska0 or whatever.
    you will see your file/folders you have on the USB stick you inserted, so chose the bin File ( X5_firmware***.bin) Press OK and DONE.... wait until is Finished 100% and it will reboot with the latest firmware. So now we have IPTV ( New App ) Thanks to openbox X5*.
    if you got an error let us know.

    Channel List Upload

    1- Press Menu/ Edit Channel / Load DB , Again you see the USB stick ( udska0 or whatever ) press Ok
    all files/Folders will show chose your bin File ( UK_CHannel_Fav.bin ) and press Ok then wait until its finished and will reboot, DONE....
    see you have some channel working now at least BBC1/BBC News/Channel4 ,Etc. if you have Favorite try them now.. ( press Ok for channel list then Green for FAV ) and chose any Fav1 or Fav2 then select the channels and have fun....
    If these Free to air channel is working then it must be signal error ( check your dish or cable connected properly to the box ( LNB Input ).

    Network Setup

    Press Menu / System setup/ Network Setup/
    Link Type : Wired Network ( for the sake of this Tutorial )
    Go to config
    Config Mode : DHCP ( for the sake of this Tutorial )
    you should see you got IP address from your Router...
    thats all Needed for your box to talk to the router and get connected online.
    See if youtube / gmap/ gmail/ IPTV etc is working so we know nothing wrong with your internet.
    once is working then all need is a cam from your dealer ( CCcam.cfg ) and DONE...

    Uploading the CCcam.cfg to the Openbox X5

    I assume you already have the CCcam.cfg on the USB if not get here from any dealer ( test will do for this Tuts)

    1- Press Menu/System Setup/ Access Control / CCcam Client Setup / Update Files By USB / chose CCcam.cfg and press Red Button ( Load ) if CCcam.cfg Load Data OK Appears then you are DONE... Exit all ( Back to main menu...)

    If Load fail appears then you have problem with USB try another one or format or your CCcam.cfg is not there as .cfg so make sure is not rar/html/zip etc. and the name must be CCcam.cfg.
    let as know how it goes.

    Now finally is to active and connect to the server. ( CCcam )

    1- Press Menu/System Setup/ Access Control / CCcam Client Setup / CCcam.cfg Edit /( if asking password then default is 0000 )/ Cccam Edit.
    there you will see your Line or Lines so for now and the sake of this tutorial to see if its working and is unlocking channel the active one by pressing OK ( Tick ) and then press Blue ( Connect ) DONE...
    If your line is fine and is active It should say Online if its not active or internet connection error then its Offline.
    let us know how it goes.
    Now enjoy your Channels and do not forget to learn how to make your own Favorite list and share it with Us please ...
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